Qualities Of A Good Movie

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A great film should be more than proof of what the filmmaker knows. Did the filmmaker reach higher than themselves and then place himself or .A good logline will provoke the viewer s curiosity. A Good Read. A great doc film is like a good book. Watching one quickly transports you to another place..What makes a great movie great? Script. Character. Acting. Timing. Sound. Visuals..A solid well told original story. Interesting three dimensional characters. Good acting. Correct tone. That s really all, although other things, like .However, there are qualities that I believe films should have to qualify as a “good” film by my personal standards, and the thing I like about .Films are a big part of our lives. Movies have always entertained us, whether in cinemas or at home. When the movies are good, you love to .It s every filmmaker s dream to have their ideas hit the big screen, but to see a film through to completion, one must have certain qualities to ensure production .

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